Gwen Graham



Gwen Graham represented Florida’s Second Congressional District from 2015-17.

She started her career in the private sector as an attorney and then focused on starting a family and raising her three children.

In 2014, tired of the politics as usual in Washington, she challenged a rightwing congressman in a conservative district. She was one of just two Democrats in the entire country to defeat an incumbent Republican that year.

On the campaign and throughout her time in Congress, Graham has followed in the footsteps of her father, Governor Bob Graham.

In Congress, she joined with John Lewis and House Democrats in the sit-in to demand commonsense gun safety and voted to support President Obama’s DACA and DAPA immigration programs, all despite representing a conservative district.

Graham has three children, Sarah, Graham and Mark Ernest, and she is married to Stephen D. Hurm, a former law enforcement officer and attorney.

She currently serves on the executive committee of Ruth’s List Florida, an organization that supports progressive women candidates.


Ran for:
House of Representatives