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Welcome to the only organization dedicated to raising the political voice of LGBTQ women and allies


Here’s how we stack up:



Million Dollars Invested in Candidates

Since 2012, we have raised more than $5.5 million from supporters in all 50 states and Washington D.C.


Elected Candidates Endorsed by LPAC

Since its founding in 2012, LPAC has been instrumental in electing candidates who translate our social justice values into policy.


Independent Initiatives that LPAC's been involved with

LPAC has been involved in more than 100 races and independent expenditure campaigns across the country.


Jane Castor’s win was a historic night for LGBTQ women’s representation

“The 2019 cycle may seem like a quiet off-year,” said LPAC Executive Director Stephanie Sandberg, “but queer women are recreating what local leadership looks like in America’s major cities.”


We’re on a mission to elect LGBTQ, women's rights and social justice supporting candidates.