Tracy Mitrano



Tracy Mitrano is a cybersecurity expert, teacher, mother, and New York native.

She is running for the US House to bring economic opportunity to New York’s 23rd District and cybersecurity expertise to Congress, where she planned to work to ensure the integrity of our elections and the security of our digital borders.

Growing up in Rochester and helping her father in his downtown restaurant, Mitrano learned firsthand the importance of community and hard work. From a young age, she learned how crucial it is to have access to good healthcare. Her older brother is developmentally disabled and blind, and when her mother became critically ill, her family nearly went bankrupt paying medical bills.

The first member of her family to go to college, Mitrano believes that our current generation of young people should be able to attend college or vocational schools without incurring lifelong debt.  Her education made her deeply appreciative of the excellent schools that New York State has to offer – she graduated with a BA from the University of Rochester and, a PhD in American History from Binghamton University, as well as her JD from Cornell Law School.

As the Director of Information Technology Policy at Cornell University from 2001 to 2014, she facilitated some of higher education’s first-generation information security policies. She has acted as an expert for Internet2, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Delaware, Tufts University, SafeGov, the New York Public Library, and many others. Her work has given her significant federal policymaking experience, preparing her to serve as a Congresswoman in a district that desperately needs someone who can immediately get to work in Washington to develop legislative responses to the challenges facing NY-23.

Mitrano is the proud mother of two adult sons raised in the district. 

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Running for:
House of Representatives

New York

Prior LPAC endorsement: 2018