Leslie Herod



Rep. Leslie Herod represents Colorado’s 8th House District. She is the first-ever LGBTQ African-American woman to hold elected office in the state.

She chairs the House Finance Committee, and is vice chair of both the House Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Legal Services. Rep. Herod also chairs the Colorado Black Democratic Legislative Caucus and the Arts Caucus.

Since her election in 2016, she has directed over $70 million in the state’s budget and sent 45 bills to the governor’s desk, marshaling through numerous pieces of legislation addressing criminal justice reform, mental health and substance abuse, renewable energy, youth homelessness, and civil rights protections. Her legislative agenda underscores her commitment to improving the lives of all Coloradans, especially those caught in the cycle of poverty or mired in the criminal justice system.


Ran for:
State House


Status: Won