Julia Fahl



In 2018, Julia Fahl, then 28, took on a 27-year incumbent for mayor of Lambertville, NJ. And she won.

Mayor Fahl was a seasoned political operative, more comfortable behind the scenes, when she decided that the “somebody” who she wanted to run for mayor of the 4,000-person town might as well be her.

“My argument was that after 27 years in a position, you stop asking why you do things or how you could be doing things better and you just say this is how things are done,” she told The New York Times during her campaign. “And there is a slew of things that are happening in this town that makes absolutely no sense.”

Fahl, whose wife, Kari Osmond, acted as her campaign manager during the race, focused on issues that closely impact the residents of Lambertville, including city-to-citizen communications, professionalization of public boards and commissions, and city beautification.


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Lambertville, New Jersey