Hillary Clinton



Hillary Rodham Clinton has served as secretary of state, senator from New York, first lady of the United States, first lady of Arkansas, a practicing lawyer and law professor, activist, and volunteer.

She won the popular vote for President in 2016 but lost in the Electoral College.

As Senator – and the first woman to represent New York in the Senate – Clinton served on multiple committees: Environment and Public Works; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Budget; Senate Armed Services Committee; and the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

In the fall of 2006, Senator Clinton was re–elected to a second term in the Senate, winning 64 percent of the vote against Republican candidate John Spencer. In 2007, Senator Clinton declared her candidacy for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. In an historic primary season, she lost the nomination to Barack Obama. Following his presidential election victory, President–Elect Obama nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State on December 1, 2008. On January 21, 2009, following Senate approval of her nomination, Clinton resigned her Senate seat to assume her duties as Secretary of State.

Clinton served as Secretary of State in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2013, the first former First Lady to serve in a cabinet role.


Ran for:

Status: Lost general election

Past Roles: Senator for New York, Secretary of State; First Lady of the United States

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