US Rep. Tammy Baldwin. Raised to date: $212,000
Tammy Baldwin embodies everything LPAC stands for. She has a history of protecting women’s rights and expanding issues of social justice. Rep. Baldwin is a staunch advocate for reproductive rights and wrote bills to expand both breast cancer screenings and hate crime laws, as well as measures to eliminate workplace discrimination.
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Mainers United for Marriage. Raised to date: $40,000
If successful, Maine’s initiative would be the first pro-marriage equality ballot question to pass.
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Florida’s No On Amendment 6. Raised to date: $30,000
Florida’s proposed amendment would strip away important reproductive freedoms for women in the state, and would intrude on private medical decisions between a woman and her doctor.
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Michigan Supreme Court: Bridget Mary McCormack, Judge Connie Marie Kelley, and Judge Shelia Johnson. Raised to date: $20,000
Legal issues concerning economic justice, LGBT people, and women’s rights are expected to go before the Michigan Supreme Court in the imminent future, making the election of fair-minded justices crucial.
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Elizabeth Warren. Raised to date: $5,000.
Warren would be the first female Senator from Massachusetts, and a strong voice for women’s rights and social justice.

US Rep. Donna Edwards. Raised to date: $5,000.
A leading advocate for women and domestic violence protections, Rep. Edwards is also a leader on marriage equality.

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin. Raised to date: $3,500.
As Senate President, Shumlin led the effort to pass marriage equality in Vermont, first passing the bill and then over turning a Governor’s veto.

Majority PAC. Raised to date: $50,000
Majority PAC is fighting to protect the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, and is backing important LPAC candidates Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren.

Priorities USA Action. Raised to date: $100,000
Priorities USA Action is the super PAC backing the reelection of President Obama. It is committed to the values of LPAC, including protecting women’s health, LGBT rights, and social and economic justice. 

Washington United for Marriage. Raised to date: $55,000
After being successfully passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor, marriage equality is on the ballot in Washington state. LPAC is supporting the Washington United for Marriage campaign to protect marriage equality at the ballot box.
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State Rep. Tina Kotek, Oregon
Tina Kotek could make history this year by becoming the first openly lesbian speaker of any statehouse in the country.